Art and Culture Center
Margari Art Gallery

Amfilochia - August 2003

opera artis

Theofilaktou, Voulogianni, Zetta, Koronis, Papagiannopoulos, Alisafis.


Odisseas Margaris invites you to the opera artis event - Eleni Theofilaktous art exhibition and a night of opera alongside Marina Voulogianni, Giouli Zetta, Antoni Korovaio, Ari Papagiannopoulo and Chrisantho Alisafi - that will take place Sunday 10 August 8:30 p.m at the Art Gallery Margari.
Successful artistic events are not essentially those that attract the interest of the 'fashionable' and the lights of 'publicity', but those that achieve to become a place of true communication for artists with their public- each and every particular public.
In a small city region as Amfilochia, six remarkable artists-each in their own area of interest - accepted to take part in this event and their participation in combination with the quality of people in our city can guarantee a real assembly of people and artists.
Personally I am absolutely certain of this.
I delightfully thank,
Chrisantho Alisafi, Marina Voulogianni, Giouli Zetta, Eleni Theofilaktou, Antoni Koronaio and Ari Papagiannopoulo

Odisseas Margaris

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